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Clever Ways to Earn a Living as a Writer

Are you searching for a way to make a living as a writer during these trying times? Perhaps your blogging life is no longer serving you with all of the SEO updates and AI taking over the various niche blogging sites. Perhaps you’re so overwhelmed with the changes, that you just cannot pause to redirect to a new space in this writing world.

Whatever the reason is for you being here, I welcome you with open arms and invite you to visit my clever way s to earn a living as a writer.

My name is Brandy and I am the CEO of Brandy Ellen Digital LLC. My company manages multiple websites and assists in creating content for websites, Etsy, and other sites that need content. My team also ghostwrites books for clients, but I am predominantly the one doing that work.

As an old school blogger from 2008 forward, I have seen the times change more than once. The requirements for sponsored content have changed more than once, the search engine rules have changed more than once, and if you name it, I probably saw whatever it is change at least once during this long stretch of being in the blogging world.

“But, Brandy, how can you say that so calmly?’

I can say it is calmy because I expect things to change. Life moves along and changes, people grow and companies have new needs. The tech is growing faster than our brains can keep up with and so I understand the emotional reaction, but as a long time business owner, I know the importance of staying calm and being more rational about choices.

I also have followed many mentors over the pasty 16 years, and have been surrounded by entrepreneurs nearly my whole life since 2006 which means I continue to learn from people who manage to keep their business growing regardless of these changes. I admire them, and I learn from them. If you don’t have mentors that are succeeding in a way that you want to? Please find them. They are all over the internet.

Just remember most of the successful people out there wil share information for free, yes they may have some paid thing to share, but for the most part? You can find the information for free. And today I am doing just that, sharing some information with you for FREE.

Here’ goes …

Clever Ways to Earn a Living as a Writer

There are multiple options for revenue as a writer, and I am just sharing the few that have been successful for me at some point over the 16+ years of doing this online working gig as a writer and virtual assistant (circa 2006-2008).

Virtual Assistant

I started this venture as a virtual assistant. I loved helping people with their online boutiques and currently, I assist people with their Etsy shops when they hire me to do that work. I only charge between $5-$10 per listing. Find that service here to get a better idea of how I group the service for people.

How does this pertain to a writer? Well, quite simply you have to write product descriptions for your client. This is writing 😉

Start a Blog

With the oversaturation of websites and blogs online today, this is a bit harder than it once was, but not impossible. The key to starting a blog as a writer who wants to earn a living is to pick a niche that you’re familiar with and that provides you with an opportunity to help others.

Maybe you’re a fabulous gardener or landscaper, or maybe you are a pro chef. Whatever your specialty is, that’s the blog to start these days! Share tips and tricks that are helpful for those out there who want to be successful in the topic that you are successful with.

Learn Self-Hosted WordPress

The key to keeping costs low is to start learning how to use the platforms that you will use for a website or blog, plus this gives you a new skill to offer as a service to others. For example, my team does offer Premium WordPress Management services, and we do quote out the option to build a basic website using Self-Hosted WordPress from time to time.

There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube for this, and it will keep your costs down as you’re trying to build your writing empire. It honestly took me 16 years to have my first big deal number of annual income. I’ve since slowed down and focused on coaching those who want to achieve such income levels.

Apply to Freelance Writing Jobs

This may not pay the bills at first, however, applying to writing jobs is one of my favorite things to do as it allows me to write for new topics and never get “bored” with my CEO title here at Brandy Ellen Digital LLC. I love testing my writing skills, and freelance writing job boards helps with that.

I can recommend Pro Blogger’s Job Board as of now. I used to recommend sites like HireMyMom but I recently went into their site as a paid member to find they’re mostly full of spam opps these days. If you know of a good freelance writing gig site please let me know!

 Create a Profile on UpWork and Fiverr

Fiverr is a place where I first started making some cash. I loved writing short articles for people who hired me on Fiverr. These days you can make more than $5 per gig, back then that was the only option. I also used UpWork to hire writers for my websites, so that’s a great spot to put your info out there and get hired.

Both of these sites allow you to apply to jobs or gigs for writing income. Don’t quote me on that for Fiverr, they sometimes have this option and other times I can’t seem to find it.

What to know before starting your writing career?

There are some things I’ve learned over the years about making a living as a writer. For starters, this was a childhood dream and so I knew I would make a living as a writer but I never knew it would look like it does today.

Here are the 3 things I wish I had known before I dove head-first into the blogging and writing career world:

Stay True to YOU

I have watched the blogging world take down many of my once close friends. They were so desperate to make money that they lost themselves in the journey of blogging. They no longer enjoy it and they were being paid thousands with non-disclosure agreements to promote things that eventually caused major health problems with people they love.

Yet, here they are today with NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) so they cannot speak about such paid to influence campaigns. This is why I no longer do sponsored campaigns that are part of these HUGE influencer network programs.

They’re often saturated with campaigns that pay super awesome (we are talking thousands of dollars for small workloads) but they test your moral values. I think if some of these bloggers could go back in time? They would rethink the choice they made. That’s life, living and learning. I saw it ahead and wouldn’t take part in such things (money does not fuel me in that way, since I have lived in a vehicle and tents before, I am not scared to stay true to myself).  

Find your sweet spot that means you’re becoming successful as a writer, without losing your moral compass. It will be different for you than it is for me 😊

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

This is a hard lesson to learn! I would have reached my highest income level earlier on, had I been charging my worth. I admire the women out there who are not afraid to ask their worth for their services provided. I am better at it today, but it took me 16 years to get there.

The other side of writing as a career and selling yourself short is to not sell yourself short in the personal life side of things. I was a single mom throughout most of my writing career journey, thus I dated and sold myself short with some of those I dated which hurt my business.

This means you need to think twice before putting a price on your services and putting a price on your partnership with a person you may marry one day. They both are going to impact your creativity level while building your writing career.

Don’t do What Everyone Else is Doing

I became a ghostwriter for bloggers when it wasn’t a thing. I had people, fellow bloggers, private messaging me all of the time with tips on how to start writing for other bloggers, how to change, and what to do to start a WooCommerce shop.

I saw a need, and I want ed to fill that need. I have written for HUNDREDS of bloggers before AI writing programs came into play and I’m grateful for that experience. For bloggers who don’t use AI, you can still hire me or my team. Just reach out.

The inbox on Facebook was flooded with messages and I sent free advice back to them to help them become successful. I no longer reply to FB messages as a means to help others succeed, I actually charge for my time as the inbox is often flooded and most people I found that get free advice aren’t as serious as taking it as they are when they pay my coaching fee. If you want to hire me to coach you privately, reach out, as I don’t have a premade service plan for this option.

The key to knowing what to do as a way to make a living as a writer is to just go with what feels right. I wanted to be a writer, and I saw a need for bloggers to have a writer. I now write for app companies, and brands, and preschool websites as well as my most recent venture in the publishing industry where I write and self-publish books for myself as well as others.

Brandy Ellen Digital LLC is my “baby” that was a long time coming and I couldn’t be more excited to offer tips, tricks, and help for those who are at the beginning, the middle, or the exciting upcoming increase in revenue stage of their writing career. I want to see you all succeed, and if you hire my team or me to help you? We will do our best to use our experiences to assist you in achieving success.


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