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How does Ghostwriting for Bloggers work?

One of the services our Founder & CEO has found great success with is ghostwriting for bloggers. This started many years ago, prior to the advancement of AI writing services. While we do enjoy the advancement of technology, AI writers are still just that – robotic writers. They cannot match the passion, the voice, and the drive behind the human writing content.

While AI programs can write faster than the average human, they’re not the best tool for all writing. For example, if you’re a lifestyle blogger who wants to share their excitement and passion for the last place you visited with the family, will the robotic writer be able to grab that emotion behind the writing?


Perhaps not.

You should try that option and see for yourself if it matches your vision for the blog post content. If you find that the AI tools aren’t doing what you wanted, then it’s time to consider hiring a ghostwriter for bloggers.

How do you hire a ghostwriter for blog?

The best way to hire a ghostwriter for blog is to search the internet, ask for referrals from blogger friends, and just have a peek at sites like Fiver or Upwork to see if someone there is able to match your vision and needs.

Chances are you can find cheap rates on or Upwork. However, the quality may not be the best. We’ve seen a hit-or-miss experience with clients who started this route. With that being said, we do want to make sure that you have the resources to research this option of hiring a ghostwriter for your needs.

Whether you opt to go with an Agency like Brandy Ellen Digital LLC or a freelancer online, there are a few things to consider before hiring a ghostwriter for bloggers.

Check for References

While references won’t guarantee a job well done, it will show you whether or not this ghostwriter has provided some level of exceptional quality writing to others. You can ask the ghostwriter directly for their portfolio, samples of writing, and to have access to a reviews or testimonial page.  

The hard part about getting references from a ghostwriter for hire is that most work under confidentiality clauses. In this case, you can have them share a PDF sample of their writing or perhaps they have writing they’ve done on their site to share. This can help you get a feel for their writing style if you can’t speak directly with a client of theirs.

Ask About the Ghostwriter’s Expertise

The next step in hiring a ghostwriter for bloggers is to find out what their area of expertise is. You can learn a lot about the ghostwriter from this question. This helps you understand whether they’re aligned with the niche you’re looking to hire them for and if they are going to be knowledgeable enough to write for you.

You can have great success in hiring a ghostwriter for your blog without the writer having prior experiences in niches that can be researched. These niches may include make-money bloggers, work-at-home opps, or even travel topics.

Our CEO, for example, develops food blogging content for bloggers even though she isn’t a food blogger. She has extensive knowledge of SEO for food bloggers and has worked alongside food bloggers for well over 10 years.

Hire a Ghostwriter for Sample Content

The last thing we advise people to do is to hire a ghostwriter to do a sample piece of content before diving into a big project together. This will help you determine whether they write in the voice you desire, provide the quality you need, and have a personality that matches yours for optimal working conditions.

Since most ghostwriters for hire will be working at an agency that you went through to hire them, or remotely from their home office, or both – you want to ensure that the personality meshes well with your team. If not? This could cause a lot of issues.

Continue Working Together

The last step in the process of hiring a ghostwriter for blogging is to develop a retainer rate that keeps this ghostwriter on your team to provide valuable content regularly. This could be a monthly, weekly, or annual retainer depending on the contract you choose.

Each long-term client that works with Brandy Ellen Digital LLC will have a contract in place to know the scope of work provided, what’s expected from the writer and client, as well as other details laid out so that each party involved knows what’s expected.

This helps keep things on the up-and-up and confidential as well as continue to build trust between our clients so they will continue to refer us to their friends who need a ghostwriter.

At Brandy Ellen Digital LLC, we do our best to match clients with writers who make sense for their vision. It’s imperative that clients know they’ll be working with someone who helps put their vision to life with the personality they require to feel comfortable working virtually together. As we continue to grow our team, so too will ghostwriters that provide high-quality content that matches your voice and vision.  

We wish you much success in finding the best ghostwriter for your blog or ghostwriter for your book this year. Cheers to new adventures!

Have you ever hired a ghostwriter? Let us know in the comments below.


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