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    Premier Monthly WordPress Management Solution


    THIS IS A SERVICE TO MANAGE CONTENT DRAFTS (NOT WRITE CONTENT) We offer a maximum of 1 blog post per week, 3 blog posts per week, or up to 7 blog posts per week in our 3-tier monthly pricing structure. If you use less than the paid-for amount, we don’t refund. This monthly retainer fee ensures we are ready to assist at the pace you hired us to assist. You’re holding your spot in our calendar with this monthly retainer. 

    If you find that you’re not using the full monthly, you can reduce the price for the following month’s invoice. This is a month-to-month investment, however, if you’re committed to the long-term we can place you on auto-pay via Square invoicing when you’re ready to streamline the process. Scroll down to read the full terms of this service.

    You should be ready to use this service from the date of hire. This means having draft blog posts in your WP dashboard, or folders of content for us to upload and edit to schedule. If you do not provide us with content in a timely fashion, we cannot extend into another month of service. Please provide the first week of content & access to your WP blog within 24 hours after hiring us. After placing an order, you will have a PDF document that shows how to get the details to us.